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Irvine Wedding Photography | Orange HIll | Amy and Arnaud

wedding dress orange hill

Wedding Gown – Orange Hill Wedding

Wedding shoes in Orange Hill Wedding

 Wedding shoes – Orange Hill Wedding

Wedding Gum Orange Hill


Orange Hill wedding bride getting ready


Mom and bride moment Orange Hill wedding

Mon and daughter moment –  Orange Hill Wedding

Mon help bride getting ready for wedding ceremony Orange Hill

 Mom helps bride getting ready –   Orange Hill Wedding

Bridal portrait in ballroom orange hill

 Bridal portrait –  Orange Hill Wedding

indoor portrait in orange hill wedding

Family photos Orange Hill wedding

 Family photo –  Orange Hill

Flower girl Orange hill wedding

Flower girl  Orange Hill wedding

Harpist Orange Hill

The harpost –  Erica Powell

Flower girl wedding ceremony orange hill

 Flower gril – Orange Hill Wedding

Ring bear wedding orange hill

 Ring bear

Groom enter wedding ceremony orange hill

Orange Hill Wedding Ceremony

 wedding ceremony –  Orange Hill

Exchange the vows in Orange Hill wedding ceremony

 Exchange the vows – Orange HIll wedding

exchange Wedding Ring ceremony Orange Hill

 Exchange the wedding ring –  Orange Hill

Bride and Groom walk down the aisle

 Bride and Groom walk down the aisle after wedding ceremony in Orange Hill

outdoor wedding portrait in Orange Hill wedding

 Outdoor bridal portrait – Orange Hill Wedding

Sunset wedding photography in orange Hill Irvine

 Beautiful sunset view from Orange Hill

Orane Hill wedding sunset orange hill Irvine


Wedding cake in orange hill Irvine

 wedding cake with the background of Irvine

orange hill Irvine wedding reception table

 Table setting –  Orange Hill wedding reception

Ground entrance wedding reception in Orange Hill

 ground entrance – Orange Hill wedding reception

First Dance Orange Hill wedding reception

 First dance – Orange Hill wedding reception

wedding reception in orange hill

Cake cutting Orange Hill wedding reception

Cake cutting – Orange Hill wedding reception

Bride and groom dance orange hill wedding reception

 Bride in her 2nd dress –  Orange Hill wedding reception

Sunset wedding photography in Orange Hill Irvine


Wedding Venue :  Orange Hill Restaurant  6410 East Chapman Avenue  Orange, CA 92869

Harpist : Erica Powell

Orange County Wedding Officiant : Rev. Christopher R. Torres 

Videography : Shaka Video 

Makeup :  Felina Chung

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