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Los Angeles Wedding Photography
Los Angeles wedding photography is one of the my main activities. Professional wedding photographer in Los Angeles catches the most beautiful and memorable moments of your big day, Wedding photos made by our team will capture your wedding day artistically, elegantly and most importantly: truthfully… The essence of your wedding day is not captured in scripted or staged photographs. It’s captured in the smiles, the laughter, the tears and the fleeting moments that tell your true love story. I work in many of Los Angeles’ most popular wedding and reception venues. If you are looking for a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you.
Orange County Wedding photography
I am   not only a Los Angeles wedding photographer but also an Orange County wedding photographer. I offer excellent artistic wedding photography in Orange County as part of  my covered area (no travel fees). Our  wedding photographer team photography the brides and grooms getting married in the OC wedding location, Such as Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach. Wedding photos at these many hotels and resorts are beautiful and breathtaking.

Destination Wedding photography

Besides LA wedding photography and OC wedding photography, My wedding photography team travels as  destination wedding photographers for brides and grooms getting married in Las Vegas, San Diego, Santa Barbra Bakersfield, Venture County, Central California, San Francisco, Northern California, Wedding photography packages and wedding album design information are available upon  request.




Why Choose us


1 We take your wedding seriously

As a full time Los Angeles and Orange County wedding photographer, I recognize the significance of your unique event and devote my professional expertise into the philosophy of my photography by providing the best service and products. I will try my best to make every client satisfied with our quality of service.

2 We are experienced

We understad that wedding is not events that will happen again or get replayed, so during a wedding day, many of the most important moments only happen once – like the exchange of the rings, the first kiss and first dance. as a professional wedding photographer  and our wedding photographer team  having the  photography experience behind you to make sure that you will be able to show these moments to your grandkids. we knows those shots by heart (rather than having to look at a list) and ensure that all the important moments of the day are documented for you.

3 We have advanced lighting skills

Advanced lighting skills are critically important to good wedding photographers. That’s because many of the venues where couples get ready or hold their receptions are very dimly lit, often times to create a special atmosphere. We have the skills to shoot in even the darkest of light. Also, we have the skills to use “remote control” lighting where the light is coming off-axis from the camera, producing three-dimensional type photos.

4 We know how to organize Group Photos quickly

These are important photos for many couples since weddings are often the only time the entire family gets together in one location.( I learned from my wedding) It can be very hard to successfully organize and arrange a large group of people, Can you see everyone’s face? Are all the people there? And is the arrangement orderly and well constructed. We knows how to quickly put the groups together and put the smile on everyone’s face  so everyone can get to the reception.

5 Your wedding photos are safe with us

we know how important  the wedding photos to a couples. and the wedding photos also important to us, When we come back from a wedding the first thing to do is backup the photos twice, and we backup our computer everyday, so we have 4 copy of your wedding photos, after we finish editting your photos,  you will get a online gallery hosted by a professional online galley.

6 We use professional equipment

We use professinal Canon cameras and pro lens on your wedding day to make sure you get the high quality images.  we have the  ability to  take any picrues in any location with any lighting condition.  John Li use two cameras (Canon 1dx) on your wedding day, and his favorite lens included 85mm F/1.2, 35mm F/1.4, 50mm F/1.2, 24-70mm/F2.8, 70-200mm F/2.8.

7 I have a qualified team supporting me at all stages.

I and my 2nd shooter  are always working like wedding photography team, We will cover  different angle on your ceremony. I will follow you two all the day, and my 2nd shooter will cover the rest, like the guest, your family number… so you will not miss anything from your wedding

8 We are insured

Yes, we are insured. We have the one million dollars Liability Insurance which can meet most wedding venues request. You don’t  need to worry about anything just enjoy your wedding.



How do we do it


Engagement session

Engagement photo session is very important for both of wedding photographer and clint, so we include the engagement session to all our packages. Engagement session is a chance for us to know you better and become a friend of yours, so that on your wedding day you will get used to our style,  equipment, and environment etc. The most important thing is that the engagement session is not only a photographing process but also another celebration of your love.. Before the engagement session I will asked you if you have some location in mind, if not I will give you some suggestion about he engagement location in Los Angeles and Orange County. During the engagement session I will give you some direction to help you relaxed and not just “pose” you . Three days after the Engagement session some of your engagement photos will be available for preview on my Blog and Facebook Fan page.In two weeks, all of your photos will become available on your indentified online galley for you to share with your friends.

Wedding day

When you do your makeup I will be with you photography the wedding dress, the wedding shoes, the wedding rings, the flowers and everything you prepared for you wedding day. The 2nd shooter will cover the groom. So you will see what were going on there. During the wedding day, I will follow you two all day, captures anything happen.  The 2nd shooter will cover the guests, so you will not miss anything on you wedding day, During the ceremony I and my 2nd shooter will cover deferent angle, you will see both expression of you two from the same moment. I use two camera on your wedding day. I  shoot the photos in RAW format to get the best images quality.

After you wedding

The wedding day is just a beginning of our work, to make sure the photo are safe with us, the first thing when I come back from you wedding is backup your photos. and the post process of your wedding photos will last two weeks. in couple day you will see some highlight images from your wedding on my blog and Facebook. about 10 days you will see your photos in your password protected online gallery. you can share the photos with you family and friends. In two weeks you will get the cd with all images in Hi-re JPEG format. After that I will design the album for you, if you like you can pick the images for your album.


Wedding Photography Style



As a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer and Orange County WeddingPhotographer I  specializes in photographing weddings in elegant photojournalistic style also including elements of traditional style depending on the taste of the client and to document the events of the day.  As a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer  combines my  professional experience and photographic knowledge with today’s technology to create lasting iconic images. My style is  mix with Traditional wedding photography, Wedding Photojournalism, Artistic wedding photography. Many couples describe my wedding photography style by one word “Epic“, which means the Memory on the photography last forever. For the formal photo session on the wedding day and engagement he work like a director and  alway give the direction to the couple what to do, and meanwhile he capture the “moment”. He understand how the wedding day is so important to the couple so the rest time of the wedding day I am  a photojournalist , recored everything happened on the wedding day, the tears, the smile….


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Based in La Verne (near San Dimas ), I can serve the whole of Los Angeles County (LA), Orange County (OC) and the surrounding areas in Southern California. If you are looking for wedding photography in Los Angeles or in Orange County you found it!  In order to keep the quality of our wedding photography service, I only book 35 weddings every year.  Hot date booked very fast, so if you interested in our service please contact  PSAP, first-come-first-served.

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About John Li

I have been a photographer for many years. After I working for many newspapers and magazine as a photojournalist, I started my Los Angeles Wedding Photography business and became a Los Angeles wedding photographer. I worked for many couples on their wedding day to photography the biggest moment of their life. I have  great personality, I am reliable and easygoing. Hire me and you will love what I do for you!