La Verne wedding photography

John Li is an experienced La Verne wedding photographer that he would love to create beautiful La Verne wedding photography and portrait photography. As a La Verne wedding photographer he photographed many wedding and engagement in San Dimas, La Verne, Claremont, Glendora, West Covina Covina and Pomona.



John Li has been a photographer for many years. After he working for many newspapers and magazine as a photojournalist, he started his Los Angeles Wedding Photography business. He worked for many couples on their wedding day to photography the biggest moment of their life.With an Artistic Background his wedding photography style mix with Traditional wedding photography, Wedding Photojournalism, Artistic wedding photography. Many couples describe his wedding photography style by one word “Epic”, which means the Memory on the photography last forever……

John li has great personality, he’s reliable and easygoing. Hire him and you will love what he do for you!

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Here are something about  the venues of wedding and engagement photography in La Verne and San Dimas area….

   Downtown San Dimas is my favorite location in this area, I like this little town because of  it’s very quiet and less people specifically weekend. On Sunday almost stores are closed. The buildings are very western looking.  This is a family session I did last year, Click on the pictures you will see that I am talking about.



Angel & Richard 

Stacey & Ben


If you would like John Li to be your wedding photographer or event photographer or to shot your family photo or just headshot please    contact  us or 818-448-9697